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Our slogan says it all!  We’ve got the time… you don’t!

About Garage Reclaimed

Often the garage is the largest single space in one’s home, not to mention the most neglected and underutilized. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re paying for every square foot of your house, why not use it? You have this great space attached to your house, essentially another room that you’re not taking advantage of.

You are not alone! Thousands of American homeowners are desperately in need of a garage makeover. Most don’t consider their garage a functional living space because the mess has gotten so big they don’t even know where to begin. With the solutions offered by Garage Reclaimed, your garage can be a highly organized, functional, and attractive space again.

With households busier than ever, finding the time to even look at what’s in your garage can be difficult. However the truth is, having a garage that is neat and organized will deliver peace of mind. No longer does it have to be a cold, dim, and cluttered space. Garage Reclaimed can work with your needs and budget to design a storage and organizational system that utilizes your space. Unlocking and exploring this potential might be the most practical decision you ever make as a homeowner.

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